Underground was founded on a sense of mission.

In 1996, we developed an ad for a coalition that was attempting to save the largest privately owned old growth redwood forest on the planet. It felt good to align personal ethics with creative output, and to play a role in raising awareness for an exceptional cause. After that, we never looked back, focusing on creating resonant, effective campaigns for a roster of clients from the foundation and nonprofit world.

Today, the satisfaction we take in mission-based work remains the same, and the opportunities to impact causes and communities have only expanded across a growing spectrum of non-profits, social enterprise companies and public agencies committed to positive change. We’re proud to look down our client list and see it includes nearly 100 change makers impacting education, the environment, human rights, the arts, healthcare, and more.

If you are a force for good — a foundation, nonprofit, company or public agency that is engaged in positive change — we want to help.

It’s what we do.